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protection of personal data

Akdeniz Sub


As Akdeniz Sub, we involve in data processing activity via Akdeniz Sub’s mobile applications, mobile sites, Akdeniz Sub’s stores, Akdeniz Sub’s Special Customer Program Contract, and other automatic or non-automatic means. By this text published via our website, we would like to inform our esteemed customers / users / members regarding Akdeniz Sub’s Policy on Protection of Personal Data.

As Akdeniz Sub, can we process your personal data?

Within the scope of the Law No. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data (“LPPD”), as Akdeniz Sub, we are processing a certain part of your information for the fulfilment of services provided to you. As specified in Article 3/I of the LPPD, as we are responsible for;

  1. determination of the purposes and means of processing personal data,
  2. establishment and management of data register system,

we have certain responsibilities and liabilities with the capacity of “data controller” within the scope of the LPPD.

Due to the fact that we are the data controller, we may process your personal data in accordance with the law and respectfully with your personal rights, in case of presence of (i) your explicit consent, or (ii) exemptions specified in Article 5/2 of the LPPD.

As Akdeniz Sub, which data of yours are we processing?

Via the Akdeniz Sub’s mobile applications, mobile sites, Akdeniz Sub’s stores, Akdeniz Sub’s Special Customer Program Contract and other channels, the following information of our esteemed customers / users / members is processed in accordance with the LPPD;

name / surname, date of birth, the Republic of Turkey Identity No.,

mobile phone number, telephone number, e-mail address, residence address,

your traffic information related to the web page in case of use of our website by you,

your shopping history and payment method,

marketing and communication preferences,

information present on your social media accounts, and for which you have approved in case you have matched your membership with social media accounts,

information on your shopping.

For which purposes are we processing your personal data?

We are processing your personal data for the following purposes in accordance with the LPPD, other legislations and international regulations;

Creating and managing your personal account on the platform within the Akdeniz Sub,

Managing your orders and return operations that you perform by using the online service,

Sending SMS message for informing the delivery status,

Contacting you in case of any possible problem regarding the delivery of your products,

Informing you regarding your requests, and regarding new or amended services,

Sending marketing offers such as bulletins and catalogues,

Making directions related to the products that our customers may be interested in considering their shopping experiences, and being able to provide information related to campaigns,

Increasing customer satisfaction, recognising our customers who are shopping through website and/or mobile applications, and being able to use the same in customer environment analysis, and in various marketing and advertising activities, and within this scope organising electronic and/or physical questionnaires via the contracted organisations,

Being able to provide suggestions to our customers by our contracted organisations and solution partners, and being able to inform our customers regarding our services,

Informing the winners of online contests,

Making analyses in order to provide you the suitable offers and information,

Verifying that you are of legal age for online shopping,

Sending you questionnaires for you to benefit from our offers and services,

Testing and improving the systems through which our services are being provided,

Preventing the malevolent or incorrect use of our services.

As Akdeniz Sub, with whom are we sharing your data?

In order to actualise the service provided to our esteemed customers / users / members within the highest standards within the scope of the LPPD, it may be shared with our employees having the capacity of representative of data controller within Akdeniz Sub, with our business partners within the country and abroad with whom we have contractual relationship for us to be able to fulfil our liabilities being specified within the scope of the LPPD, with real persons / legal entities from whom we obtain service, with organisations within the country and abroad with whom we are program partners, with other third parties which are not being listed in this article, but which are involved in data processing activities, and with administrative or legal institutions authorised as per the laws of the Republic of Turkey.

As Akdeniz Sub, what are our liabilities at the point of protection of your personal data?

As we are processing your personal data with the capacity of data controller, we have some liabilities within the scope of the LPPD and other legislations.

In order to specify the relevant liabilities under headings, we have

The clarification liability,

The notification liability,

The liability of ensuring data security,

The liability of registering in the Registry of Data Collectors.

  1. a) Clarification Liability

During the obtainment of your personal data, we, as Akdeniz Sub, are liable to notify the data owners on the following;

The ID of our representative within Akdeniz Sub,

The purpose of processing of your personal data,

To whom and by which purpose your processed personal data will be able to be transferred,

Method of collection of personal data, and its legal reason,

Your other rights listed in the LPPD.

  1. b) Notification Liability

In the case that you request information regarding your personal data, you may use such right within the frame of your rights specified in question 6 of this text. If your request meets the terms specified in the LPPD, feedback will be provided to you as soon as possible and latest within thirty (30) days.

We would like to remind you that additional information and documents may be requested from you if your identity cannot be determined as applicant.

  1. c) Liability of Ensuring Data Security

As Akdeniz Sub, we exert high level of effort for processing of your personal data in accordance with the law and respectfully with the human rights, for preventing their obtainment by unauthorised individuals, and for protection of the same at standards being specified in the LPPD and in other international texts.

Within this scope;

We are providing our employees within our legal entity with trainings on conformity to the LPPD,

We are carrying out the highest level of operations for forming written policies regarding data processing activities within and outside the organisation,

Making the data processing process understandable as much as possible, and protectable in the field of security standards by forming data inventory,

Making the contracts signed with third parties compatible with the LPPD and other legislations,

Ensuring the most safeguarded infrastructure against cyber-attacks by improving our IT infrastructure.

  1. d) Liability of Registering in the Registry of Data Collectors (“Registry”)

As there is no regulation published by the Board of Personal Data Protection (“Board”) for registering in Registry by the declaration of this policy, the process is closely being followed-up by our legal experts. We present to the attention of our esteemed customers / users / members that we are forming our policies in accordance with the steps to be taken by the Board.

What are your rights regarding your personal data?

If you know that your personal data is being processed by us, or if you think that it is being processed by us, you can send your request by applying to us. Within the request to be formed by the data owners, you have the right of a) Learning whether your personal data is being processed or not, b) Requesting information on processing if your personal data have been processed, c) Learning the purpose of processing of your personal data, and learning whether it is being used with the intended purpose, d) Learning the third parties within the country or abroad to whom your personal data have been transferred, e) Requesting the correction in case of deficient or incorrect processing of your personal data, f) Requesting the deletion or destruction of your personal data within the frame of the terms anticipated in Article 7 of the LPPD, g) Requesting the operations performed in accordance with sub-paragraphs (a) and (f) to be informed to third parties to whom your personal data has been transferred, h) Objecting the result in case of arise of a result against you through analysis of processed data exclusively via automatic systems, i) Requesting the compensation of damage in case of incurring damage due to processing of your personal data as against the law.

As Akdeniz Sub, for how long do we store your personal data?

As it is required to make a separate assessment for processing of each data within the scope of law on protection of personal data, we are processing your personal data in accordance with the law, and for a legal period required for its processing.

Within this scope, we are keeping your personal data as correct and actual as long as you have a valid legal relationship with Akdeniz Sub. In case of removal of explicit consent provided by you regarding the processing of your personal data, we are processing your personal data within the scope of periods being specified in other legislations, and/or within the scope of principles specified in Articles 4 and 5 of the LPPD. Following the removal of legitimate purpose and legal periods, your personal data is immediately deleted / destroyed / made anonymous.


Cookie is a file left on your computer by any website. In these cookie files, session information and data used for more efficient use of the website by you are stored.

As Akdeniz Sub, we are maintaining your personal data collected via the cookies by the purpose of

Providing customised services to you,

Improving and optimising the Akdeniz Sub’s website and mobile platforms,

Presenting customised advertisements and marketing products.

As Akdeniz Sub, we are using (session cookies), (ii) persistent cookies, and (iii) third party cookies while forming our cookie policy.

The session cookies used by us are temporary cookies, and they are valid only until you close your browser. For this reason, our personal data processing activity ceases if you close our website and/or mobile platforms. The persistent cookies remain on your hard disk until you delete them, or until they expire. For this reason, if you approve the “Remember Me” box available on our website and on our mobile platforms, you will have permitted the processing of your personal data by the cookies. The third party cookies consist of cookies being defined by other organisations that we use for different services. Collective statistics are kept via third party cookies, and customised information is obtained regarding your usages by gathering your browsing information.

If you do not want to provide explicit consent for the processing of your personal data via cookies, you may deactivate the cookies on the search engines you use, or you may choose to be notified when a new cookie is sent.

Commercial Electronic Communication Permit

In order to provide various announcements regarding products and services provided by Akdeniz Sub, you will be contacted via the electronic communication addresses (SMS, e-mail) that we acquire over the Within this scope, if you request the delivery of commercial electronic communication to you, you are required to

Approve the mentioned operation during the application phase to be performed for being a member on

Make amendment of preference whenever you wish from the section of “Personal Information” under the section of “My Account” available on our website in case non-provision of approval while becoming a member on

As Akdeniz Sub, we would like to remind you that we have the right to cease / refuse contacting you related to campaigns and announcements, and performing any transmission via commercial electronic communication without specifying any reason.